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    儿童节的来历作文|儿童节的来历 英语作文

    发布时间:2020-10-13 19:10

    最近我读了《儿童节的来历》这本书,才明白了儿童节是这么来的。Recently, I read the book "the origin of children\s Day", and I realized that this is how children\s day comes.原来,儿童节的全称叫六一国际儿童节”,是全世界少年儿童的节日。Originally, the full name of children\s Day is "61 International Children\s Day", which is a festival for children all over the world.在第二次世界大战期间,1942年6月大海作文,德国法西斯枪杀了捷克利迪策村16岁以上的男性公民140余人和全部的婴儿,并把妇女和90名儿童押往集中营。为了悼念这些在战争中死难的儿童,1949年11月,国际民主妇女联合会在莫斯科举行理事会议,为了保障世界各国儿童的生存权、包健全和受教育权;为了改善儿童的生活,会议决定每年的6月1日为国际儿童节。我国中央政府也桂东上年儿童在当天可以放假一天。During the Second World War, in June 1942, German fascists shot and killed more than 140 male citizens over the age of 16 and all their babies in liditzer village, Czech Republic, and took women and 90 children to the concentration camp. In order to mourn these children who died in the war, in November 1949, the International Federation of democratic women held a council meeting in Moscow, in order to protect the right to survival, inclusive health and education of children around the world; in order to improve the lives of children, the meeting decided that the International Children\s day would be held on June 1 every year. The central government of China also allowed children in Guidong to have a day off on the same day.经过我的介绍你是不是也跟我一样,恍然大悟呢?原来6。1儿童节是全世界的儿童在战争中死难的儿童用鲜血换来的。以后我们都要好好的珍惜这一天初中作文大海作文,为死去的可怜同伴们悼念。After my introduction, are you just like me, suddenly realizing it? The original 6. Children\s Day is the world\s children died in the war with the blood of children. In the future, we should cherish this day
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