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    打架事件作文|打架事件 英语作文

    发布时间:2020-09-27 19:10

    期五第一节下课后,我们正在教室里玩,突然听到一阵尖利的叫声,循着声音望去,发现陈泽扬和李浩栋在走廊上打架了。After the first class on Friday, we were playing in the classroom. Suddenly, we heard a sharp cry. Looking at the sound, we found that Chen Zeyang and Li Haodong were fighting in the corridor.他们的脸涨得通红,双手抓着对方的红领巾,在走廊上推来推去,眼睛还狠狠地瞪着对方。我们班的同学都退到了旁边,嘴里喊着:别打了,别打了!”我和张熠颖赶紧跑进教室告诉王老师。王老师三步并作两步地冲出教室高中英语作文范文,两只手成了老鹰的爪子,就像抓兔子一样一把抓住陈泽扬和李浩栋的衣领子,还抓到了讲台上。陈泽扬和李浩栋都不约而同地哭了高中英语作文范文,脸上还带着不服气的表情。Their faces were red, their hands clutching each other\s red scarf, pushing back and forth in the corridor, their eyes still staring at each other. All the students in our class retreated to the side and shouted, "stop fighting, stop fighting!" Zhang Yiying and I rushed into the classroom and told Miss Wang. Mr. Wang rushed out of the classroom step by step. His hands became eagle\s claws. He grabbed Chen Zeyang\s and Li Haodong\s collar like a rabbit. He also grabbed the platform. Chen Zeyang and Li Haodong both cried at the same time, with an expression of Defiance on their faces.直到那时,我们才长长地舒了一口气高中英语作文范文,终于解决了。Until then, we had a long sigh of relief and finally solved it.我真佩服王老师。I really admire Miss W
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