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    发布时间:2020-09-13 18:36


    一:快餐 Fast Food

    Fast food business has developed tremendously in the past 50 years.Nowadays people will see all kinds of fast food restaurants here and there.which clearly shows how closely it is related to our daily life.Most people believe that fast food business has become part of our life and its developement is good for both society and people.


    Firstly,the best thing about fast food is being fast. Now everyone lives a busy life so time is the most valuable thing to us all.Fast food offers a most efficient way to eat.You will waste no time in waiting or choosing.Secondlu,fast food restaurants provide us with a good environment for entertainment and study.Friends come here,chatting or playing cards;students come here,reading books or doing homework,and meanwhile you can enjoy a bag of chips and a bottle of cola which will bring more pleasure.Thirdly, youngsters can even find good opportunities of working practice in some fast food restaurants.Working experience help them understand the society better and improve their communicating skills.


    二:邀请函 Invitation

    Welcome to Baishan Mountain Hotel。Baishan Mountain Hotel is now open for business.Our hotel stands 500 meters away from the entrance to Baishan Mountain. It has 20 afaigle rooms and 15 double rooms, all with hot showers. A single room is 100 yuan and a double room 150 yuan for one night. You are advised to book in advance. The hotel serves three meals a day and there are Chinese food and western food for you to choose from. You can also enjoy yourself at the cafe drinking tea or coffee in the evening. We also have a swimming pool, www.enun.cnwhich is open all day and free of charge.

    All are welcome!



    三、 A shocking incident 让人震惊的事件

    Dear Editor,


    I'm writing to tell you about a schocking incident that happened in Beijing Zoo on the afternoon of Feb 23rd.


    I was visiting the zoo that afternoon when I heard bears roaring terribly. I hurry to the place where the bears live. I saw the black bears badly injuried and one of them rolling on the ground painfully. It was hurt too seriously to move a feet. The people around was shocked angry and blaming the wrong doer. I learned that was a four-year student from a famous university in Beijing who caused the trouble. He pulled sulfur and acid onto the bears or pretending to feed them.


    What a shame, animals are our friends. Something must be done to prevent them from being injuried.






    四:健康的重要性 Health is More Important

    There are many people who think that wealth is better than health. I used to think so until one day I read a story about Howard Hughes. He was an American billionaire who got anything he wanted. However, in the last twenty years of his life, his health began to deteriorate and he was miserable. He had the best doctors and nurses. However, he could still find no relief. I realized that health is worth all the money in the world. If you have millions of dollars but your health is poor, you will not be able to do what you want to do. So I would like to say don't hurt yourself trying to make money. Instead take care of your body and be happy with what you do have. Health is more important.

    很多人都认为财富宫比健康更重要。在读到Howard Hughes的故事之前,我也是这么认为的。Howard Hughes是美国的一个亿万富翁,能得到他想得到的任何东西。但是在他生命最后的二十年中,他的身体变得很糟糕,他很悲惨。他有最好的医生和护士,但仍得不到解脱。我意识到在这个世界上,好的身体抵得上所有的金钱。因为即使你有百万美元但身体糟糕,也不能做你想做的事情。因此我想说的是关心你的身体,对你所拥有的一切感到高兴,不要为挣钱损害你的身体。健康更重要。

    Which is more important, health or wealth? It is a hot topic among people. I can hardly answer this question. I didn't realize that health is more imporant until I saw a businessman's real life.

    A successful businessman, one of my father's friends, devoted himseff to his business. He works from morning to night every day. There is no weekends in his mind. He often says, "I must earn much money so that I can get what I want. "Lately, he is ill. Though he has a lot of money, he can do nothing but lie in the hospital's bed.

    So I think health is more important than wealth. People can do nothing if they are always in poor health, let alone happiness. No matter we are rich or not, we can not ignore the importance of health.




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